Monday, June 20, 2011

centennial beach

on friday I went centennial beach with  my class on a field trip . at the beach I caught all sorts if little animals like 2 fish 2 mini shrimp ish things  2or3 hermit crabs and a very tiny crab. got to go now bye.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30th 2011

today I did some gardening with nikki and granpa. we planted all sorts of things like marigolds straw berries potatoes ostespermums carrots poppys and lots of other plants. I had lots of fun today and I hope what we planted survives.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Monday March 28

They had a lot of tulips in Holland (wooden ones and real ones)
We had to get up very early to get on the plane in time. We flew from Liverpool in England on a short 1 hour trip to Amsterdam.  In Amsterdam it was hard at first to find some food and then we could tell McDonalds was near because we saw a Ronald McDonald.

Ronald McDonald choking me!
There was 1 hour delay and then we got on the plane and came home. I had a great trip and I hope to go to England again soon.

Sunday March 27

We went over to Di's house to look at a whole bunch of wedding pictures that were taken at the wedding and they said there were some really good ones that I took and some really good ones of me.  There were some pictures on Sara's camera that we didn't know who had taken them until we saw a picture of Lucy that she had taken herself.

We had a meal at Di's.  The edible roses from the wedding cake were there.  We made boquets out of the flowers that were in the wedding.  My favourite flowers were the big white Gerbera daisies, but unfortunately I didn't get to keep any because we couldn't bring them home on the plane. 

We also celebrated Kellie's birthday because we weren't going to be there on her real birthday on April first.  We gave her a card made of sheep poop and she really liked it!

Saturday March 26

This was the day of the wedding.  We got there pretty early and I liked the beginning because when we got there we set up the video camera and we were filming people coming in.  My Auntie Kellie didn't know there was a camera on so she kind of snarled a bit.  It was funny.

When I saw Benjamin come in I really liked his suit (because I didn't get to see it before when we were picking it up).  At the beginning part when we all sat down there were really nice things with boquets of flowers and candles on them and all the chairs were nicely decorated. I was going to sit in the first row but then the best man had to sit in the first row so I got to sit in the second row besides Daniel and Sara. When Pauline came in I really liked her dress.
Pauline and Benjamin
Once they were married we had to go outside the room. Benjamin and Pauline came outside to take a bunch of pictures and we threw confetti at them.

When we went back in there were a bunch of tables set up. There was something with your name to tell you which table to sit at.  Our table was called Angelsey.  I sat with my mom, Grammy, Grandad and Uncle Ron.  I liked the food I had. It was really yummy.  For desert I got to have ice cream and I found out that Mike really liked ice cream cake.  Everyone else had cheesecake but I got ice cream instead.  I ate a little bit and then I gave the rest to Mike so he could have ice cream cheesecake. After we ate lunch we left that room again and went back later for the evening part. By then there were a lot of more tables because more people had come for the second part and there was a dance floor.  They cut the cake and then Benjamin and Pauline had their first dance. Then we could go up and dance whenever we wanted to and we could request songs. At the end of the night I wanted to stay longer but I got dragged home because I had to go to sleep.

Friday March 25

We went to Robertos with Ron, Di, Stewart, Daniel, Sara, Kellie, Mike, Mom, Grammy and Grandad. I had a really runny nose so we had to go to the Pharmacist so my nose wouldn't be too red for the wedding the next day.

After Robertos we went to Auntie Di's house.  I went outside with Uncle Stewart and we went to his pond and tried to fix the fountain but the top of it got lost in the pond so we had to fish around for it in the bottom.  We found a big frog, a little frog, a live fish and a dead fish in the pond.  Grandad took the big frog all around the house to show everyone.  After that we finally found the top and we put it on and later it actually worked.

Thursday March 24

We went to the Catholic Cathedral in liverpool

I liked the big glass windows outside the Cathedral.
After we had been to the Cathedral I went on the Liverpool Wheel with my Grandad and I could see all of Liverpool. I liked seeing the liver birds on the Liver Building.  The clocks on the Liver Building are bigger than Big Ben.

After the Liverpool Wheel I went to the Pizza Express with my Grandad.  The pizza there was really good.  Then we had to be fast getting to the Duck because we were almost late  The duck was really cool because it could go on the land and in the water.

After we got off the duck I went with my mom to the Tate Gallery. At theTate Gallery there were a lot of cool modern sculptures:

There was this sculpture and I was wondering how it could stand up.  I couldn't figure it out - I thought it might be attached to the ceiling but it didn't look like it.  After looking everywhere my mom finally told me it was attached to the ceiling. It was really cool.

Outside this looked like a little small box but on the inside it looked like it was going on forever and ever and ever as though it would never stop.

Anthony Gormley's "Another Place"
I liked the men on the beach.  They went out for as far as I could see both ways.  Apparently some of them got taken away because boats couldn't get into the dock. They were only supposed to be there for a year but then they decided to keep them and that's when the sailors started complaining.

Next we went to Benjamin and Pauline's house.  I liked their house and I liked their backyard. We went to a pub with Ian and Lin and I was glad to see them because I hadn't seen them in a long time.  Nick is their son.  We also saw Nick and his finacee Sam when they joined us towards the end of the meal.  I realised I only had 4 days left in England and then I got all sad but then I was also happy because I was happy for the wedding.