Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday March 26

This was the day of the wedding.  We got there pretty early and I liked the beginning because when we got there we set up the video camera and we were filming people coming in.  My Auntie Kellie didn't know there was a camera on so she kind of snarled a bit.  It was funny.

When I saw Benjamin come in I really liked his suit (because I didn't get to see it before when we were picking it up).  At the beginning part when we all sat down there were really nice things with boquets of flowers and candles on them and all the chairs were nicely decorated. I was going to sit in the first row but then the best man had to sit in the first row so I got to sit in the second row besides Daniel and Sara. When Pauline came in I really liked her dress.
Pauline and Benjamin
Once they were married we had to go outside the room. Benjamin and Pauline came outside to take a bunch of pictures and we threw confetti at them.

When we went back in there were a bunch of tables set up. There was something with your name to tell you which table to sit at.  Our table was called Angelsey.  I sat with my mom, Grammy, Grandad and Uncle Ron.  I liked the food I had. It was really yummy.  For desert I got to have ice cream and I found out that Mike really liked ice cream cake.  Everyone else had cheesecake but I got ice cream instead.  I ate a little bit and then I gave the rest to Mike so he could have ice cream cheesecake. After we ate lunch we left that room again and went back later for the evening part. By then there were a lot of more tables because more people had come for the second part and there was a dance floor.  They cut the cake and then Benjamin and Pauline had their first dance. Then we could go up and dance whenever we wanted to and we could request songs. At the end of the night I wanted to stay longer but I got dragged home because I had to go to sleep.

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