Friday, April 1, 2011

monday march 21

I visited Raeburn Primary School (my mom's old elementary school) with my mom and her sister. The headmistress there was really nice amd wanted me to go there the next time I was in England. I went around on a tour of the school and told the classes how school was different in Canada than there. After that I went to assemely and I got to give out an award. After the assembly the headmistress gave me head teacher stickers, an award and a meadal. then we met up with Di and my grandparents at Zugers. Then we went to Parkgate to see the high tide. At the end of Parkgate there was a whole bunch of bird watchers and people selling pins so I bought one. Later that night I went to girl guides meeting in Ness. At girl guides we played dodge ball then we made brides and roses and cup cakes for part of the royal wedding badge. After that we played splat bang, then the leader announced the winners for the best bride, best cupcake and best rose I won best bride and got a chocolate santa. At the end of the night I also got a box of badges. 

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